Pro Audio



Optimized for Pro Audio speakers, our modules deliver rock solid power for line arrays, point source speakers and subwoofers. Typical applications are within touring/live, performance installs and portable PA.

Excellent audio performance allows loudspeaker manufactures to bring the best out of their cabinets. Our modules come with a powerful power supply and amplifiers running on high voltages swings. The regulated SMPS with PFC ensures consistent performance regardless of the mains net. Get your hands on a couple samples to try it yourself!

The amplifier modules are designed with Pro Audio in mind and key to this market is reliability. For this reason, our modules undergo extensive testing and verification during the design phase and once in mass production we test all modules before shipping. All modules are designed to be fully self-protected. As a result, our clients report of a better-than-expected reliability.


 ModulePower ratingsPower rating BTLPIN Con.Extension modules
S-PRO2500 + 500W / 725 + 275W1000W26
  • S-A1, S-A2
  • L-PRO2S800 + 800W1500W/2500W*26
  • L-A2