Our technology

All amplifier module designs feature proprietary core technologies, including our patented UMAC™ Class–D amplifier platform and UREC™ universal power supply design.

Our range of amplifier modules are optimized for integration within a complete range of professional self-powered loudspeaker and rack amplifier application designs; from high-end touring sound and fixed venue PA systems, to portable compact PA speakers, studio monitor systems, and low profile commercial installation cabinets.

UREC™ PFC power supply technology enables universal AC mains operation. Automatically adaptive to any mains voltage between 100 V and 240 V, the propriety high efficiency, compact power supply will deliver regulated power anywhere in the world.

Extremely high voltage rails provide high dynamic power ratings relative to RMS power output, enabling the modules to deliver high, short sustained non-clipping power bursts and even higher signal peaks. The high power density and efficiency of our design allows for massive power headroom in modules with a highly compact form factor.


With Pascal’s proprietary UMAC™ Class-D technology, unrivalled power comes with unrivalled sonic performance. Premium sound quality, in a pro audio optimized amplifier, includes best–in-class signal-to-noise, distortion and dynamic range specifications.


Our amplifier modules feature a form factor and cooling concept optimally designed to enable the delivery of ultra high power ratings and SPLs from compact speaker cabinet designs or low profile power amplifier formats. Best-in-class system efficiency minimizes cooling requirements, ensuring unrivalled long-term reliability of our modules.

Pascal amplifier modules are fully self-protecting and designed on an ‘audio-at-all-times’ principle, with all relevant protection features individually implemented for the Switched Mode Power Supply and each amplifier channel.

Pascal’s extensive range of modular amplifiers are inter-connectable to a single front-end I/O / DSP board design. Plug-and-play connectivity is achieved via the 26 pin interconnect that is standard across the Pascal amplifier module range. A single front-end module can thus be used in multiple self-powered loudspeaker and rack amplifier design configurations. This means less engineering work across multiple product design projects.

Two CMS providers in China produce our line of amplifier modules. One, specializing in high-mix low-volume production, the other, VTech, in Dongguan, specializing in high-volume low-mix production. Pro audio is a focus market for VTech, an industry sector in which it is one of the world’s largest and most proficient CMS providers. Factory visits to our production line at VTech are available upon request.


Pascal’s CMS partners comply with the highest quality assurance and environmental protection standards (ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO13485).

Energy Star compliant auxiliary power outputs, readouts and control signals are available to feed integrated DSP or analog I/O boards. Advanced, real-time readouts of protect/mute, temperature and clip signals are accessible for DSP and network control implementations, and I/O stages. Pascal also works closely with providers of proven high performance signal processing technologies, making advanced complementary DSP solutions for our amplifier modules readily available to our clients.

All amplifier modules are subjected to several quality tests on our production lines.


The final assembled amplifier module must pass between 100 and 200 end-of-line test steps (depending on the specific model. These fully automatic custom test systems are designed by Pascal’s own test and quality engineers who are able to access all measurement data for each test step. All amplifier modules are tagged with unique barcodes, which are logged in the test systems. This makes any individual amplifier module full traceable within these systems.


This unique system ensures extremely tight quality loops, securing a high overall quality level.