About Pascal

Headquartered in Copenhagen, in Denmark, Pascal is the
world’s leading provider of pro audio amplifier electronics.

The Pascal story

From its inception, Pascal was conceived as a dedicated pro audio company, focused on the amplification requirements of self powered speaker and power amplifier manufacturers. From its origins in a lakeside cabin, the company grew rapidly and at an accelerating rate, due in equal measure to its advanced technology and engineering and a visionary business model. In just 12 years it outgrew three HQ sites.

The company’s eighth employee was a human resource manager, appointed to develop an enlightened HR development and recruitment strategy. This was an important milestone, representing a significant investment in our most valuable asset – our people.

The most successful startups can arise out of initial failure. The failure of our first product launch taught us a lot in a very short time. It was our first and our last failure, and the catalyst for a root and branch re-evaluation of product development and market innovation. The outcome was our high power density amplifier module design, and a marketing strategy focused on unique levels of customer support and development partnership. This offers clients significant added value and strategic advantage, in faster time to market and risk mitigation within their product development programs.

This was a transformation that saw the company achieve accelerating growth from 2009 onwards, to rapidly become the number one OEM provider of amplifier electronics for pro audio self-powered loudspeakers and power amplifier designs, partnering with many of the industry’s major manufacturers. Today, an extensive range of high power density amplifier modules offers dedicated solutions for almost any number of output channel and power configurations, for integration within everything, from large-scale sound touring line arrays to portable PA cabinets and ultra-compact fixed installation systems, ranging from small utility power amplifiers up to high power 100 / 70 V constant voltage systems.

Pascal A/S has become one of only 5 companies in Denmark to be awarded the Børsen Gazelle Award the last seven years in a row.