About Pascal

Headquartered in Copenhagen, in Denmark, Pascal is the
world’s leading provider of pro audio amplifier electronics.

Our Values

Collaboration, Learning, Responsibility and Understanding are the major contributory values that define the nature of our company. They engender the momentum – at the individual level, and within teams and throughout our organizational structure – that is the key indicator for growth.


Growth is most often understood in its narrowest economic sense. We embrace growth in its widest sense. Sustained and sustainable growth is an integral part of our DNA. As a value, it references the broadening and deepening development of our people and the ways in which we function together; as well as our collective impact on the wider world.


Learning and personal development are cornerstones of our organizational growth strategy; ensuring the continued and increasing value of our greatest asset – our human resource capabilities.


Understanding is the foundation of ‘intrinsic motivation’. Motivation is only present at an individual level when objective and intent, process and current position are all clearly understood.


Responsibility in relation to the company, its employees, activities, external stakeholders – including our customers and suppliers – and the world at large.


It is through collaborative team based enterprise that we work with the greatest efficacy and realize the full value of everyone’s skills, knowledge, competences and experience.