New L-PRO series amplifier modules released

Published Sep 04, 2018

From top: L-PRO2HP, L-PRO2S & L-PRO2

New L-PRO2 series amp modules provide 50% more power from same form factor as S-PRO series


Pascal’s new L-PRO2 series represents a new standard in power density for Class-D power amplification, as the world’s smallest 1500 W RMS amp module. The L-PRO2 inherits the ‘highest power density’ title from the S-PRO series module with which it shares a common form factor. Heralded as the world’s smallest 1000 W amplifier module when it was launched in 2012, the S-PRO retains that distinction and is now joined by the world’s smallest 1500 W amplifier module.   

An ultra-compact power platform for 2-way and subwoofer applications, featuring extreme dynamic power ratings and integrated power supply with PFC, L-PRO2 is optimally designed for integration within high power sound touring and fixed venue PA and line array systems, and large subs. Three variants address specific applications; the L-PRO2 (1200 W + 400 W RMS) and L-PRO2HP (high power – 1500 W + 800 W RMS )* feature asymmetrical power configurations, with feature sets and a form factor uniquely optimized as a dedicated power solution for self-powered 2-way loudspeakers, and the symmetrical output channels of the L-PRO2S (1500 W RMS in BTL mode) optimized for use in large scale sub woofers.  

Exceptionally high voltage rails combined with an ability to drive a low (4 Ohm) impedance load, to provide massive power headroom. As a result, the LF-channel of the L-PRO2HP and the L-PRO2S (in BTL mode) deliver an output voltage of 160 V peak, yielding a dynamic headroom of more than 2 dB and a peak SPL rating equivalent to a conventional 2500 W amplifier.  

With Pascal’s proprietary UMAC™ Class-D technology, unrivalled power comes with unrivalled sonic performance. Premium sound quality, in a pro audio optimized amplifier, includes best–in-class signal-to-noise, distortion and dynamic range specifications. 

All modules are equipped with comprehensive protection features and designed on an ‘audio-at-all-times’ principle, rendering them fully self-protecting. Like the S, T and U-PRO series modules, the L-PRO2 series boasts the world’s best system efficiency, minimizing requirements for heat sinks and cooling, and contributing to the amplifiers’ unrivaled long-term reliability.  

The L-PRO2 series supports Pascal’s plug-and-play interconnect, that makes the complete range of 26-pin power amplifier modules inter-connectable to a single front-end I/O / DSP board design. A single front-end module can thus be used in multiple self-powered loudspeaker design configurations, reducing the required engineering work across multiple product design projects. 

Energy Star Compliant auxiliary power outputs, readouts and control signals are available to feed integrated DSP or analogue I/O boards. Advanced real-time readouts of protect/mute, temperature and clip signals are accessible for DSP and network control implementations, and I/O stages. 

UREC™ PFC power supply technology enables universal AC mains operation. Automatically adaptive to any mains voltage between 100 V and 240 V, the propriety high efficiency, compact power supply will deliver regulated power anywhere in the world. 

Peter Frentz with the new L-PRO2 next to the similar sized S-PRO2

Speaking on the launch of L-PRO2 series, Senior VP of Business Development, Peter Frentz, said, “The L-PRO2 series completes our portfolio of front-end compatible amplifier modules optimized for pro audio self powered speakers, providing our clients with unique project portfolio benefits and cost savings. With new, even higher, power ratings, the L-PRO2 keeps us at the forefront of achievable levels of power density in amplifier modules.” 

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 * L-PRO2HP is scheduled to commence production in Q4 2018