Open COVID-19 letter to our customers and partners

Published Apr 01, 2020

The pro audio industry is facing challenging times due COVID-19 outbreak, making it difficult for people worldwide to exercise their passion for enjoying music and audio experiences together.

Despite these troubled times we are fortunate to be able to operate as usual. Pascal employees not needing the equipment and facilities at our premises are working from home and our large premises allows for those who need to come to work to keep the recommended social distance of 2 meters.

Our substantial investment in control and quality of our 1st and 2nd tier suppliers has proven its strength, as we have not experienced, nor expect to experience any supply chain disruption or delays. Thus, our manufacturing facilities in China are fully operating, while closely adhering to the local health and safety guidelines provided by the local government.

The pro audio industry is tightly knit and has a history for being resilient and to stick together in troubled times, as we all share a passion for uniting people through shared audio experiences. I therefore encourage you to reach out to us, if there is anything, we can help you with, or if you just want to exchange pro audio industry insights.

In the Chinese language, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters, one representing danger and the other, opportunity. We believe the corona crisis will create new opportunities in the pro audio industry, for those who stay well informed, agile and proactive.


Lars Rosenkvist Fenger
CEO, Pascal A/S