Pascal unveils redesigned and repurposed website

Published Aug 27, 2018

New design provides improved online content, resources and better tools to aid customers’ design projects


Pascal has unveiled a newly redesigned website that represents a major upgrade of the look, functionality and content of its online presence.

A new design aesthetic is allied to enhanced functionality, providing for improved navigation of a greater breadth and depth of content. Much of that content has been revised and repurposed, to provide the company’s roster of leading pro audio industry clients with better tools to match their development projects with Pascal’s expanding range of ultra-compact, high performance amplifier modules.

In addition to all of the essential technical references, the website provides extensive background and insights into the origins, growth, and unique organizational values of a company that, in just over 10 years, has risen to be among the top 0.07% highest performing companies in Denmark, the world’s seventh most productive economy.

A further significant area of development is the company’s online recruitment space, where appreciable work has gone into designing a proactive resource to augment and improve the efficacy of its recruitment strategy. ‘Recruitment is now, in effect, a dedicated careers microsite, rather than a ‘positions vacant’. Intended to inspire prospective applicants and provide them with an insight into the company’s organisational culture and values, it sets out in detail the various stages of the recruitment process.

Speaking to the significance of the new website for the company’s growth strategy, Peter Frentz, VP of Business Development, says, “There were a number of drivers determining the redesign of our website. Principal among these was the growing demand for increased guidance for our clients, in optimally matching our solutions with their development projects, and an expanding range of amplifier modules for an ever wider range of design applications.

“At the same time it presented the opportunity to improve our presentation of who we are. The kind of company we are; our values and our organisational and business strategies. Not just our investment in advanced product engineering, but in our people and our business relationships; partnering with clients, to improve the time to market and risk mitigation for their projects.”