Pascal attracts governmental interest

Published Nov 28, 2018

Ministerial visit: (L–R): Pascal CEO Lars Fenger, Danish Minister of Industry Rasmus Jarlov, Business and Financial Affairs and Senior VP Business Development Peter Frentz.


On Monday 26 November, Denmark’s Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs visited Pascal’s HQ in Copenhagen. The purpose of Mr. Rasmus Jarlov’s visit, which received television coverage, was to learn at first hand the factors at play in the company’s remarkable commercial success and rapid rate of growth.

“Mr. Jarlov’s sudden visit was a consequence of the spotlight shone on the company’s performance by our recent regional Initiative Award from the Confederation of Danish Industry, and extensive recognition for consistently high rates of annual growth,” says Pascal CEO Lars Rosenkvist Fenger.

Mr. Jarlov stated he was especially interested in the specific aspects of Pascal’s business that have engendered its rapid success in becoming a global market leader. “Pascal’s dedicated focus on a specific market segment and its ambition to be number one is very inspiring,” he said. “Not be satisfied until you are the best in your market space globally, is key to your success.”

From the beginning Pascal’s business model was focused on becoming a global niche leader in the development and supply of high performance amplifier modules for the pro audio industry. “To succeed in this market you have to be extremely focused,” says Senior VP Business Development Peter Frentz. “With a clear understanding of how to market the overriding strategic advantage you are offering clients.”

For Pascal that advantage is risk mitigating clients’ design projects and providing them a faster time to market, as the result of offering a coherent product portfolio, optimized for a complete range of application requirements. “This makes us an invaluable asset in the probable success of any loudspeaker speaker design project,” continues Frentz, “We support our highly focused product engineering with business models and service provision, similarly optimized to maximize the strategic added value we bring to our clients’ business.”

It is a business philosophy Pascal is set to apply to a further pro audio market sector, with the launch of a range of amplifier modules, optimized for the performance requirements of power amplifier designs, for both live sound and installation market applications.

Pascal’s stellar financial performance places it well inside the top one percent highest performing Danish companies; a country that is ranked as the fourth most productive developed economy in the world.* In the previous six years, the company has achieved a higher than 50 per cent year on year growth rate.


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