Pascal goes the distance for a ‘Marathon-Gazelle’

Published Nov 19, 2018

A marathon winning team: founding directors (L–R): Senior R&D Specialist Jesper Lind Hansen, CEO Lars Fenger and Senior VP Business Development Peter Frentz.


With its nomination for a sixth Gazelle by Børsen, the leading Danish business daily newspaper, Pascal, the world’s leading provider of amplifier electronics to the pro audio industry, joins a newly minted elite category of high performing Danish companies accredited as a ‘Marathon-Gazelle’ company.

A Gazelle award is bestowed on a company that has doubled its turnover or gross profit over the four previous consecutive years. The award of a sixth Gazelle recognizes Pascal achieving either or both of those metrics successively over four consecutive years, for the last nine years. This year Børsen inaugurated the additional elite status of ‘Marathon-Gazelle’ for companies nominated for four Gazelles in a row; a category to which Pascal was immediately elevated.

Commenting, Senior VP Business Development Peter Frentz said, “This year the award recognizes, still further, the company’s extraordinary success. Of the 104 companies that achieved Marathon-Gazelle status, only 20 of these have won six awards in a row.

“Our success rests on the unique disposition of our company. Founded as a specialist pro audio company, we remain dedicated to that sector and its specific product engineering and business requirements. Our particularly horizontal organizational and inter-personnel structure, and an HR orientated approach to employee development and wellbeing, sets us apart from the mainstream corporate business model, rendering the company more agile; able to swiftly exploit technological and business opportunities, and disrupt markets. It is a remarkable synthesis of talent and technology that has proven itself capable of exceptional financial achievement and exemplary growth.”

Pascal’s stellar financial performance places it well inside the top one percent highest performing Danish companies; a country that is ranked as the fourth most productive developed economy in the world.*


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