Pascal marks 10th anniversary

Published Feb 25, 2016

Pascal founding directors (L-R): CEO Lars Fenger, Jesper Lind Hansen Senior R&D Specialist and Senior VP Business Development Peter Frentz


Pascal is marking its 10th anniversary, having formed on 1 February 2006 February. It has been 10 years in which the company has achieved a remarkable growth rate and established itself as the “number one power-partner” for loudspeaker manufacturers working in the self-powered PA sector.


The Danish based industry-leading OEM manufacturer of high-power amplifier modules for the professional audio industry has achieved substantial and increasing year-on-year growth in its business over the last six years. That has seen it achieve a market position as the number one player in the pro-audio self-powered PA sector, where its proprietary patented UMAC™ class-D amplifier and UREC™ power supply technologies provide for benchmark designs, optimising audiophile sound quality and performance efficiency.

Senior VP Business Development Peter Frentz, explains, “Our remarkable growth rate is related to our having a very clear focus on the pro-audio industry and self-powered loudspeaker applications in particular, from the outset.”

The company introduced its flagship S-PRO2 module in 2013, at the time the world’s smallest 1kW amplifier module with an integrated power supply. The current product portfolio nine amplifier modules covers applications requiring from between 500W to 2.5kW per channel; in single, two and three-channel configurations.

In 2014 the company moved into larger headquarters, where its management, R&D, sales and service activities are based, doubling the number of employees in just 12 months. More than a third of its staff work in R&D. In each of the last three years Pascal has been awarded the prestigious Børsen Gazelle Award, in recognition of its remarkable continued rate of growth in turnover and gross profit.

“Our objective is to be the go-to company for anything pro-audio and self-powered,” adds Frentz. “I think it’s a business model that will keep us at the top of our game for the next ten years and beyond.”