Pascal receives “Team Herlev” business award

Published May 03, 2019

(L-R) Herlev Mayor Thomas Gyldal Petersen presents award to Pascal co-founding directors Jesper Hansen & Peter Frentz (photo courtesy of Herlev Newspaper/Henrik Lüthcke).


Company’s regional authority recognizes local and global achievement

The board of directors of ‘Team Herlev’ from Herlev Municipality has chosen Pascal A/S as recipient of the ‘Team Herlev Business Award for 2019’.

The award, from the municipality of the district of Copenhagen where the company is HQ’d, follows a succession of milestones and business accolades throughout 2018, a year that saw the leading world manufacturer of professional audio power amplifier electronics join the top one percent highest performing Danish companies; a country ranked as the world’s fourth most productive developed economy*. It was a year that culminated in the official visit to Pascal’s HQ by the Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Rasmus Jarlov.

Mayor Thomas Gyldal Petersen, chairman of Team Herlev’s board of directors, outlined the particular criteria for which Pascal received the award. These included the company’s rapid transformation from entrepreneurial startup to an innovative, leading global company and its sustained rate of growth significantly in excess of normal expectations, together with an ambitious and enlightened approach to employee relations, recognizing the paramount role of human resources in its success.

In citing these factors the mayor went on to state that, “Pascal has made a highly significant positive contribution to the local business community, helping to put Herlev on the map as an attractive municipality for corporate investment. And also helping to focus attention of inter-business and government agencies on the importance of addressing the challenges of ensuring the ongoing, long-term availability of suitably qualified and skilled employees for Danish hi-tech industries in general.”

Commenting for Pascal, co-founding director and Senior VP Business Development, Peter Frentz said, “Our commercial success is rooted in international markets but our role, as a leading technology company within the local and national socioeconomic landscape, is of major importance to us. Having positive influence in the business and human employment spheres is a founding ambition of the company; one rooted in the philosophy that work should be a personally fulfilling and enjoyable experience.”

*Expert Market Focus 2017


About the Team Herlev Business Award

Every year Team Herlev bestows the ‘Team Herlev Business Award’ on a deserving business entity from within the Copenhagen municipal district. The award distinguishes itself in not taking the ubiquitous form of statuette or framed certificate. Instead it is the tradition to present an original artwork to the recipient enterprise. The choice of artwork is one determined to reflect the character or achievement of that organization. This year the award took the form of a painting. Entitled ‘in change’, it is by the artist Hanne Toft Ørum and was selected for its subject matter being reflective of the rapid evolutionary growth inherent in the business culture of Pascal.