Pascal certified ISO 9001

Published Feb 25, 2016

Pascal CEO Lars Fenger with ISO 9001:2008 certificate

Pascal has been given ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Danish headquartered operations.


The company’s manufacturing supply chain has always been ISO certified but certification has now also been awarded in respect of its HQ quality management system; specifically its R&D, sales and service provisions.

Lars Fenger, CEO, says, “We wanted to extend certification across all of our operations, to include our product development, sales and service functions. We have done this to ensure consistent, highest possible quality control throughout our entire organisation. With complete certification, customers can rely on a well structured, highly consistent product development process, and consistent, high quality sales and service operations.”

Pascal claims it is the only leading manufacturer of amplifier modules for pro-audio, self-powered loudspeaker applications to have extended ISO 9001 certification across its entire organizational structure. “We are proud to have achieved this,” continues Fenger, “It is testament to our ability to provide high and consistent levels of service, such that our customers can completely rely on us to fulfil their orders on time and provide exemplary levels of service and support.”